LayR Sound Samples

I had the opportunity to beta test new iOS super synth LayR. Whilst doing so I created the sound clips (above) as a demonstration of some of the sounds in it.

Here’s a playlist of short-ish testing in LayR. All factory performances/presets. My playing is improvised noodling, except for second track in playlist labelled “evolving” where I literally just press C4 and lets LayR doing “its thing”.

Also, I should add: this is LayR recorded straight into AUM, with no effects. I might have pressed my sustain pedal (though I tried to avoid it) and in the leads test I definitely used both mod wheel and pitchbend, but it is only LayR making sounds. Each is a “one-take” so no multiple audio tracks from a DAW etc, just a stereo pair out from LayR, which I’m playing with my midi keyboard, in one take.

I will write a bit more about my explorations in LayR later, but for now:

You can read more about LayR on the official LayR web site, and you can also check out the forum for LayR.

If you want to purchase LayR you can do so in the Apple AppStore.