Making money – report May 2017

Ok, so as one of my ideas with this blog was to actually let people know how it goes when you set up an “Artist” from scratch online, with all that it entails, and then start publishing music in the sense that you release it on most music services available in the world, I figured it could also be of interest to let you know, 5 months into it, how it is panning out money wise. Just to be clear: I have not had any goal set for making money on my music (as outlined in a previous post), and given that my music isn’t radio music per se I didn’t even have any hopes of it making money. Nevertheless, I now have made some money from it, so I figured I should let you know what/how much etc.

Basically I have two music artists: AyePad (which is the site you are currently reading this on I guess), where I make electronic music. I also have (re-)released our old band Clench/Thrash Inc’s two albums. We basically played Thrash/Groove Metal in the late 90’s, the reason I wanted to (re-)release it was more for our kids: All the members in the band are fathers these days, and our kids are now reaching the age where they are curious about “dads old band” etc. As the band was active before Internet and digital cameras had been invented, and most definitely before services like Spotify existed, I figured it was time to archive it somewhere online.

The nitty-gritty

Anyways, I have 3 songs released with AyePad, and we have 22 songs (over 2 albums) released with Clench/Thrash Inc. The earnings so far during this year is as follows:

  • AyePad: Spotify (Jan-March) plays: $52. All other services, combined: $0.
  • Clench/Thrash Inc: Spotify (Jan-March) plays: $0. Bandcamp: $32 (name your own price). All other services, combined: $0.

Not enough to buy an island in a tropical country just yet. Also, the $32 from Clench/Thrash Inc is to be split between 5 people. In reality though it will be beer money (which we currently have to add quite a bit to) when we have a party this summer.