New favourite spammer target

As I have had all my old personal social media accounts for quite some time, I also have had time to set them up properly with filters for all kinds of junk that is out there, as there is lots of it.

Now, for Ayepad, setting everything up again as fresh accounts without filtering or spam control (yet), I re-learn exactly how much spam it is out there. My inbox, both in mail and in Twitter, are just filling up with spammers telling me that if I only sign up with them and their service (which obviously cost money to sign up for) I will be spending most of my days afterwards counting my money, due to eager and happy new fans that will have not only found my music, but also happily pay for it. Only by signing up with these services will I make it. They say. I’m sceptical.

Firstly, I’m not doing music under any illusion of tremendous riches or world domination coming my way anytime soon. It isn’t that I am not ambitious as a person, most people who have worked with me know I have made a great career within my day profession, and that was after a couple of years in a full-time band where we did, and tried, pretty much everything, and took it as far as you can take it without actually making it.

No, my view on my music today is that it is quite fringe and extreme, in it’s quite relaxed way. It isn’t mainstream radio music, nor will it ever be (unless radio changes). I don’t mind. I don’t care actually. No music I have ever been involved in has been “music for the masses” in any case.

I make music to get it out of my head. It just bubbles up and stays there for forever, locking my creative process on so many levels (music, photography, drawing etc) I have to make my music to off-load the burden and to clear my head. If people like it, fine. If they don’t, fine. I know other musicians saying that, and don’t really mean it, as they still hope to break-through or whatever. I do believe it though. If nothing else, these days I have other sources of income, and can be quite relaxed about my music creation. It would be great if people like it, and share it, spread it, whatever, but I totally understand if they don’t. Regardless, I still need to make it to function as a person.