Social Media for musicians

Continuing on my post from yesterday regarding publishing music and setting up social media profiles, so far on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube along with getting the music on to various stores/services, I ended that post asking if there was something I was missing.

“Official” or “TheReal”

It was suggested that I quickly secure either/both of the handles on various services that include “official” and/or “thereal” (like “ayepadofficial”), for the event of my future world domination.
Due to current politicians currently using “thereal” I felt I didn’t want to be lumped together with that, so I have now settled for “ayepadoffical”. This goes for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (where it turns into two words, i.e. “Ayepad Official”).


As hinted to above, having had a bunch of replies back it was suggested I ensure I have Bandcamp (which I already do), Soundcloud (which I also have). There was also a suggestion of Instagram. I figured it could be worth trying it out, to see how easy/complicated it would be to have two Instagram accounts (as I already have one, for me as a person).

It turns out that it really is quite simple. I went to the Instagram web site and created a new account, after having logged out of my “regular” account.
In my iOS Instagram apps, if I scroll the settings ALL the way to the bottom, I get an option to sign-out etc, but just above that there is a button saying “add account”, which I did. I also, within the iOS app, could link it to Facebook and ensure it only syncs to the Ayepad artist page on Facebook and nothing else (like any other pages I already manage, or my personal account). Done deal. Switching between accounts is a easy as folding down the name (top center) and pick which account you want to use for sharing with.

Now I have to work out what I can take photos off that are of interest and still related to my music creation, which in all honesty, most often happens in a dark basement in front of electronic gear…I’m thinking it could get quite boring quite quickly unless I think something up. You can check out my new Instagram account here, or you can “Like” the Ayepad Facebook page if you would like to see the photos I share.